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"I’ve always loved Will’s work but could never quite understand all of those tiny circles. Was it an abstraction? A technique? Whatever it was I liked the way it looked. 
" Then one day while on a hike, I paused on a footbridge to watch water flowing below. As I focused my attention on the surface of the water, studying the flow, the light, the color and constant change, I started seeing...circles!
" At once I understood that Will’s interest and commitment to seeing deeply is reflected in those tiny circles. Now I can’t watch a stream without seeing his beautiful paintings. And, of course, circles."

-- Mary Wagstaff

Mt. Tamalpais from Ring Mountain, watercolor, 6.5" x 13.5" (The first painting in twenty years without water in it!)



Welcome to the website of landscape painter Will Noble. His painting style of intimate ultra-realism is done totally freehand
(no projections, no tracings). In his watercolor and oil paintings, he explores waterfalls, creek cascades, tide pools, reeds, rocks, and light reflections on water. The level of detail is impossible to see on the scale of the website, so if you are in the Bay Area, please visit the artist's studio.

Most of his subject matter is drawn from the scenic lakes, waterfalls and creeks of Marin County, California but there are also paintings that capture the beauty of snowmelt cascades and creeks in the Sierra, and of the Oregon coast.

© Will Noble. All images and rights reserved.

Mt. Tamalpais from Ring Mtn